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Norlite Nursing Center & Rehab

Norlite Nursing Center & Rehab in Marquette, MI, discovered the need for preventative maintenance in many of their pipes. Due to the needs and demands of the facility residents and staff, traditional dig-and-replace was not only going to be costly, but require much destruction and disturbance.

A certified Flow-Liner installer was able to successfully use CIPP to line three 135' sections of pipe, successfully navigating bends and reinstating branch lines by use of a robotic cutter. The customer was not only satisfied with the product, but went on to commend the leadership of our Certified Installer for their expertise, judgment, and professionalism.

NYC Sandhogs

Flow-Liner Certified Installer Enviro-Flow Pipe and Conduit was employed by local NYC Contractor Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc. to work with the NYC Sandhogs to tackle a trenchless technology job in the heart of the Big Apple. Using Flow-Liner's Winch-In-Place-Pipe (WIPP) lining system (Primus Line®), a vertical pipe with a depth of several hundred feet was successfully lined. Utilizing innovative trenchless technologies saves residential, commercial, and municipal customers money, time, and hassle in a variety of underground pipe applications.

Hillcrest Hospital

Hillcrest Hospital in Henryetta, OK, found they were having complications with deteriorating drain pipes and were eager to fix the problem timely and without impacting the hospital's daily activities. Their general contractor, MYL, LLC, contacted a Flow-Liner Certified Installer. The installer was able to successfully line the drain pipe without issue and quickly, using CIPP lining, start to finish in one night. Check out what our customer had to say! "We had a difficult run of bad drain pipe that ran under some very expensive equipment that would be costly to move. We engaged a Flow-Liner Installer and were amazed at the technology. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. After set up, they started the project at 9:00 pm on a Wednesday night, and we reopened that area of the hospital at 11:30a the next morning. It was a remarkable accomplishment, 95 feet of drain line relined in 14 hours. I would recommend the company without any hesitancy and would use them again if similar circumstances arose." --Hillcrest Hospital Henryetta CEO

Commercial Rental Property

A commercial property owner had a new tenant move into a vacant space in Lancaster, Ohio and was troubled to find the existing drain pipes filled with scale build up and did not want to go through the hassle of dig-and-replace. Their local plumbing contractor, Pipeworks, contacted a certified Flow-Liner Installer. The Flow-Liner Installer cleaned and lined the existing pipe, successfully navigating three 90 degree bends. The property owner was happy to not have to demolish and replace the floor, and Pipeworks was pleased with the installation of the Flow-Liner CIPP liners.

Rockville, MD Pharmaceutical/South Mountain Mechanical

South Mountain Mechanical, a general contractor for a Pharmaceutical company in Rockville, MD, contacted a Certified Neofit+Plus Installer after discovering leaking supply pipes to a cooling tower. The Neofit+Plus Installer was able to line the 300 feet of the 1-1/2 copper cooling pipes successfully, sealing all leaks and navigating multiple long sweep 90 degree bends located throughout the pipe.

The crew was very professional and courteous, they did a great job for us in a timely manner. The Neofit pipe lining saved us from having to dig up and replace the 1 1⁄2” cooling tower fill pipe, which would have been very costly and inconvenient. -South Mountain Mechanical, Contract Manager

SunAmerica Center

SunAmerica Center is a 39-story, 534-foot skyscraper in Century City, Los Angeles, California. The tower was completed in 1990. SunAmerica contacted their general contractor looking for pre-maintenance pipe lining. A Flow-Liner Certified installer was contacted to complete the work.

Using the Flow-Magnum inversion system, two 10-inch process water pipes were successfully lined, securing their structural integrity for many decades to come.

Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owned by the City of Baltimore, the Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant was opened in 1911 and serves an estimated 1.3 million residents. The plant occupies a 466-acre site with a 35-foot elevation difference, allowing wastewater to flow through the plant by force of gravity. The plant discovered an issue with a pipe and their local general contractor contacted a Flow-Liner Certified Installer. The Certified Flow-Liner Installer was able to identify the issue and successfully line the 12" pipe with use of the Flow-240 CIPP Inversion system.

"Due to site constraints, it would have been counterproductive to excavate down to the damaged pipe line. Flow-Liner's product allowed us to avoid excavation and save on the overall schedule for the repair. We will consider Flow-Liner's products for any future pipe line repairs." -- Dave Johnson, Sr. Project Manager

Tuttle's Grove Apartments of Dublin, OH

Tuttle's Grove Apartments of Dublin, Ohio sits on 50 acres of land with three lakes and a variety of apartment sizes and floor plans. It was discovered that there was a water line leaking between two of their buildings. Due to the line running under a slab and beneath landscaping, excavation was not an ideal option. A Flow-Liner Certified Installer was contacted to utilize their potable pipe lining solution, Neofit+Plus. The water line was successfully rehabilitated, navigating two long sweep 90s and needing no excavation.

"By using the Neofit+ pipe lining system, we avoided a time consuming and expensive undertaking of removing drywall and installing water service through adjacent units." - Jon Kotival, VP

Denison University Point Repair and CIPP

Founded in 1831, and Ohio's second-oldest liberal arts college, Denison University is a private, coeducational, and residential four-year liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio. Denison is situated on 931 acres of rolling Ohio hills with a 350 acre Biological Reserve and the historic Denison Golf Club. After discovering two issues in their existing pipes, Denison University utilized a certified Flow-Liner Installer's versatility in rehabilitation systems by using a Flow-Liner Point Repair system and Flow-Liner CIPP. The Point Repair system successfully sealed small pin hole leaks with the use of a stainless steel sleeve. A 120' section was lined with CIPP, successfully navigating four 45 degree bends. Facilities Services was very pleased with the timeliness of the two repairs.

Trenchless Potable Pipe Lining

The NSF 61 approved Neofit®+Plus Potable Pipe Lining System is a non-invasive option for leaking underground water services with inside diameters from 1⁄2" to 2". The Neofit®+ liner forms a continuous barrier between the existing pipe and drinking water in up to 300ft sections in any type of pipe, including copper and lead.

A homeowner from Pittsburgh, PA contacted a Certified Flow-Liner installer in hopes to find a non-invasive way to rehabilitate the existing water service line that was found to have dangerously high lead content.This particular water line was over 150ft long and at a 35ft decline to the curb stop. The traditional dig and replace method would have required a lot of excavation, but also a lot of demolition to the foundation and existing concrete structures on the property.With minimal disruption, the Certified Neofit®+ installer successfully lined the existing lead service line, making the homeowner's potable water safe for drinking (and showering) again.

"Your expert Neofit®+ lining installation has made an unlivable building back into a house.Before the lining, the lead was so high that even showering was not recommended. Now, the water is drinkable. (So say the lead tests --and it tastes great!) Given the long lot, the slope, the curving path of the pipe, the proximity to sewer and gas lines, the multiple step walls (and the resulting shallow and deep spots), I'm so very glad you could line the existing pipe. Digging it would have been a logistical nightmare. Another big plus: not having to disturb the old foundation in any way. I hope Pittsburgh and surrounding municipalities turn to Neofit®+ as a default option in dealing with our many lead service lines, and also with mains in need of lining. I wish you much success and many more jobs. I would recommend the Neofit®+ process with great pleasure to anyone." — Satisfied Customer in Pittsburgh, PA