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Flow-Cutter by Streicher

The Flow-Liner® Cutter is a robotic lining reinstatement cutter especially designed for 3" to 5" ID lined pipes. It is capable of maneuvering around 90 degree bends with ease in 3" to 5" ID lined pipes. With its LED lighting and control unit with color camera, the Flow-Liner® Cutter is the perfect tool for reinstating branch lines. The basic unit comes with the necessary nitrogen hookup and assembly. 35 CFM air compressor required (not included).  The Flow-Liner® Cutter Cart is a optional compact convenient method of transporting your Flow-Liner® Cutter and accessories. Cart is sold separately.


IMS cutter MICROautomatic plus

The MICROautomatic Plus ranges from 3” to 6” ID. Capable of maneuvering bends up to 90 degrees and 400 degree turning. Color camera with LED and camera cleaning mechanism. This cutter is usable also in difficult pipe situations due to manual and automatic creeping and climbing function. Also complete with pneumatic clamping units permit usage in vertical pipe. Comes with 50m/164ft supply hose. See PDS for additional information.