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The Oklahoma State Capitol building was established in 1917. The exterior and interior are highly ornamented, including stone lions on the corners of the copper roof. During building-wide renovating, the need for pipe lining was discovered in their roof drains. The Certified Flow-Liner® Installer successfully lined seven roof drains requiring no destruction of the building, preserving all ornate and historic embellishments.

 The Pentagon

The Pentagon personnel contacted a Certified Flow-Liner® Installer regarding a cast iron roof drain that was leaking in the ceiling below whenever it rained or snow melted. The roof drain was a 3" vertical line and included three 90º fittings in the first 7ft. Replacement was not an option due to the disruption to occupied office spaces in the Pentagon. The Flow-Liner® Certified Installer prepared and installed the "Flow-Liner® Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining System" using a specialized procedure, allowing effective navigation around the multiple bends. The roof drain line was successfully lined in one day without excavation or disruption to the Pentagon's occupied office spaces.

Grove City Medical Center

Grove City Medical Center (GCMC) primarily serves three counties: Mercer, Butler, and Lawrence. The building was erected in 1981 after the merger of two community hospitals. Now, approaching 40 years later, GCMC discovered their need for a trenchless technology solution. They contacted a Certified Flow-Liner® Installer with hopes of avoiding excavation of the entire pipe and a quick solution as the hospital was only able to cut off the water for a short amount of time. With use of the Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining system, the Certified Flow-Liner® Installer successfully lined the pipe, reinstating two branch line connections with little disruption to the services or hospital grounds.

Coshocton Fire Department (HVAC Lining)

The Coshocton Fire Department is a full-time department providing first line fire response. In 1989, they moved to a new facility capable of housing the firefighters, accommodating new technology and community needs. Many years later, the new facility was found to have deteriorating underground exhaust vents and in need of trenchless technology.  A Certified Flow-Liner® Installer effectively lined the deteriorating underground exhaust ducts by means of Flow-Liner® HVAC CIP-Duct™ lining. Despite a dramatic transition in the duct from 7” to 12” and a 45-degree bend, the installer completed the duct lining in only two days and with NO EXCAVATION or disruption of the fire department’s daily functions.

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

Bought in 1931 as an overgrown 90-acre island located in the Potomac River in Washington DC, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial was dedicated in 1967 and now mimics the lush appearance of a natural forest with only a footbridge to provide access to the 17ft statue, stone monoliths, and two large fountains. Nearly 50 years later, both fountains were found to be leaking. A local contractor, Potomac Restoration Inc., contacted a Certified Flow-Liner® Installer to avoid the costly and damaging excavation of the monument's beautiful layout. By use of the CIPP, the Certified Flow-Liner® Installer successfully lined the leaking pipes, navigating many bends and reinstating several branch lines, all with minimal excavation.