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Neofit+Plus Main Connection System

Nearly released in fall of 2019—The Neofit®+Plus Main Connection System allows the NSF 61 certified Neofit+Plus expandable pressure pipe liner to be installed in ½” to 1” ID water service lines from inside water mains 8” to 12” ID. This eliminates the need to dig up the water main in the street at each service connection. Only one access is required at each end of the water main pipe to allow the lining of each connecting service pipe. Additionally, if trenchless lining methods, such as CIPP, are employed in the water main, the Main Connection System can be utilized to line the service pipes at each tap from inside the lined water main pipe.

Flow-Liner and Sanexen Water on Capitol Hill

Jeff Tanner, President of Flow-Liner Systems, and Ben Côté, President of Sanexen Water, had a busy week in DC meeting with EPA Officials, Senators, and Congressmen regarding this year's release of the Lead & Copper Rule re-write, expected to publish this summer. Having previously partnered with the EPA, Flow-Liner in 2017 and Sanexen in 2012, they are again doing their part in providing valuable information on the newest innovative and green technologies that can accelerate the nation's water infrastructure recovery initiative. The current LCR was released in 1991 before many new, safe and cost-effective technologies existed. Now, approaching 30 years later, we urge the EPA to include such options to allow water systems throughout the nation to utilize trenchless technology solutions that are not only cost-effective, but certifiably safe and environmentally-friendly. Jeff also had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Troy Balderson on drinking water and infrastructure.

New Installers, Dealers and Distributors

New Neofit+Plus Installer & Distributor: Flow-Liner is excited to announce their agreement with Sanexen Water to install and distribute the Neofit+Plus potable water pipe lining system for the US and Canada. Sanexen's product Aqua-pipe is a structural water main lining systems that pairs perfectly with Neofit+Plus, which lines the service piping.

New Flow-Liner Sewer & Drain Installer: Flow-Liner's newest US Installer is CSI Engineering out of northern California. CSI is trained and ready for CIPP lining with the Flow-120 Inversion Unit.

New International Dealer & Installer: Flow-Liner's newest international dealer and installer is Forevia LTD in Pori, Finland. After training the crew, the Flow-Liner CIPP trainer participated in Forevia's first CIPP job for an apartment building, and it was a great success!

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Flow-Liner Partners with PipeLine Renewal Technologies for Quick-Lock Dealership

Flow-Liner is proud to be a part of the PRT team.  Now available: NSF 61 approved Quick-Lock Point Repair Sleeves and Quick-Lock End Caps.  Click here for more information. 


Introducing- Build Your Own Trailer!

Flow-Liner®’s newest trailer option allows the pipe liner to customize their own system by purchasing the essential accessories to build their own trenchless technology trailer. This system provides all the necessities for an efficient and successful pipe liner, while giving the freedom to create their preferred ergonomic set-up and the option to include other systems of their choosing.  This lining package can be modified to fit your individual needs


WWETT 2018

Flow-Liner® Systems was present at the recent 2018 WWETT show to support our Neofit®+ Plus Dealer, LMK Technologies. Pictured above is Flow-Liner's Cade Tanner, Assistant Mfg. Coordinator and Jeff Tanner, President and CTO.

No-Dig 2018 with LMK

LMK Technologies, our Neofit®+Plus Dealer, has been working with Flow-Liner® to promote our Neofit®+Plus Potable Water Pipe Lining system. From approvals, to presentations to installations, LMK has been working side-by-side with Flow-Liner® to put Neofit®+Plus on the map as an alternative to lead line replacement. 

No-Dig 2018 with Advantage reline

Advantage Reline, our newest Dealer in all Flow-Liner® systems, represented Flow-Liner® for the first time at this year's No-Dig show. New to us, but not new to the trenchless world, they have 20 years' experience under their belt. Advantage Reline distributes Flow-Liner® systems, equipment, products and materials all along the Western United States.


Neofit+Plus Live Demonstrations - East Grand Rapids

Flow-Liner, LMK Technologies, and SEH Engineering presented the Neofit+ Plus potable water pipe lining system at the East Grand Rapids Community Center. Neofit+Plus can save you the time, money and inconvenience of replacing your lead water pipes. Click here for more information.

Coming Soon: 

January- Neofit+Plus Preview meetings in Indiana and Illinois.


Neofit+Plus Live Demonstrations

In a joint effort with LMK Technologies and SEH Engineering, Flow-Liner's Neofit+Plus System was successfully installed in a 1" lead water service line in Wauwatosa, WI and a 1" copper water service line in Van Meter, IA. Neofit+Plus's popularity continues to grow as the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly lining system is recognized as an alternative to lead service line replacement. 

Coming Soon: 

Did you miss the demos? Fear not! Flow-Liner Systems will be hosting another Neofit+Plus demonstration soon at their main office in Zanesville, OH! Stay tuned and be ready to save the date.

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Fall Product Spotlight

The 450 chamber provides easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of private or public sewer and drainage systems. For a limited time only, receive a discount on your next Inspection Chamber order when you mention the promo code: 10CHAMBERS17
System Benefits

  • Light-weight for easy installation with up to 5 inlets into one base

  • Manufactured with high quality polypropylene

  • non-porous, smooth internal surface

  • Can be adapted for standard traffic rated manhole cover and frame

  • Green area light-weight non-traffic bearing cover available

  • Choice of inlet sizes, 4”, 6” or mixed 4”/6”

  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Tested to minimum 50+ year life expectancy

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Flow-Liner® Has a Solution to Lead

The NSF 61 approved Neofit®+Plus Potable Pipe Lining System is a non-invasive option for leaking underground water services with inside diameters from 1⁄2" to 2". The Neofit® liner forms a continuous barrier between existing pipe and drinking water – ideal for Lead Replacement Programs. The liner can be installed in steel, copper, plastic and lead pipes, and in lengths up to 300ft. The smooth bore and thin-wall liner provides the same or increased flow capacity. Neofit® often only requires a single small access pit, saving yards, sidewalks, floors, and more, from demolition. The speedy Neofit®+Plus process allows for many installations a day and immediate return to service.  Save 30-60% by ditching the traditional dig-&-replace method and upgrading to Neofit®+Plus, a proven solution with over 25 years’ experience.

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Flow-liner® in Israel

Jeff Tanner, President and CTO of Flow-Liner® Systems, enjoyed his first trip to Israel with new Flow-Liner® Regional Installer, D&I Development and Implementation. At the WATEC 2017 show in Tel Aviv, he also met up with Wavin, Flow-Liner’s long time supplier of Neofit.


WRWA 8/17/17

Flow-Liner® Systems, LMK Technologies and SEH have joined forces to promote the NSF-61 approved Neofit®+Plus System for ½” – 2” water service pipe rehabilitation. Neofit®+Plus dramatically reduces the time (capable of several installations a day), cost (35-45% less) and mess (one, two or zero small access pits) when compared to traditional dig-&-replace method.
Come witness with Neofit®+Plus can do for you.    WRWA Outdoor Expo, Aug 24, Plover, WI