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Neofit®+Plus: Expandable Pressure Pipe for Potable Service Lines

The NSF 61 approved Neofit®+Plus Potable Pipe Lining System is a non-invasive option for leaking underground water services with inside diameters from 1⁄2" to 2". The Neofit® expandable pressure pipe forms a continuous barrier between existing pipe and drinking water – ideal for Lead Replacement Programs. It can be installed in steel, copper, plastic and lead pipes, and in lengths up to 300ft. The smooth bore and thin-wall liner provides the same or increased flow capacity. Neofit®+Plus often only requires a single small access pit, saving yards, sidewalks, floors, and more, from demolition. The speedy Neofit®+Plus process allows for many installations a day and immediate return to service.  Save 30-60% by ditching the traditional dig-&-replace method and upgrading to Neofit®+Plus, a proven solution with over 25 years’ experience.

  • Cost Effective

  • Non-Invasive

  • Time Saving

  • Environmentally Friendly

Flow-Liner®'s Technical Design Division has put Neofit®+Plus through the ringer, testing and pushing it to its limits. Click below for the Extreme Testing page to watch real time videos of burst tests, leak tests, tensile tests and freeze tests. 

Neofit® expandable pressure pipe creates a thin-wall close-fit class B barrier covering 100% of the existing host pipe.  Visit our Neofit®+Plus Gallery page to see close-ups of lined pipe and fittings, Neofit®+Plus equipment and project pictures.

Download the Neofit®+Plus Presentation below to dig a little deeper in details about how Neofit®+Plus saves you from digging deeper! Browse information on Neofit chemistry, history, job site set-up and more.

Paul Pasko with SEH connected with Flow-liner spring of 2017 and continues to work with us to show the world how Neofit®+Plus can solve the lead service line problem. 

Click for more information on Flow-Liner's New Neofit®+Plus   Dealer- LMK Technologies

Click for more information on Flow-Liner's New Neofit®+Plus Dealer- LMK Technologies