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Primus Line- Water




Primus Line® is suitable for the transport of the following liquids in the water sector:

  • potable water
  • firefighting water
  • industrial water
  • sea water
  • waste water
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Primus Line® - Water

Water is a valuable resource as a basis of life, which requires sustainable use and our protection. Primus Line® guarantees a loss-free and secure conveyance of even the most-sensitive media, such as drinking water, contaminated or polluted liquids. Simultaneously, the composite pipe protects the old pipe from the inside against abrasive particles in the water and against corrosion. The process is based on a flexible high-pressure hose and a connecting technology, which has been developed specifically for this system. The extremely smooth inner coating, ideal flow characters and the optimized systems for high-,medium- and low-pressure requirements all make Primus Line® an economical choice for the rehabilitation of aging pipelines. Water authorities and network operators benefit from a sustainable and reliable operation and consistent revenue.