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HVAC Equipment


The Flow-Liner HVAC Trailer is packed with the everything needed to start your HVAC duct lining business. Containing the Flow-240 Inverter, ducts 4"-8" ducts can be lined with Flow-Liner's CIP-Duct materials. Other essentials included: electric conveyor wet-out system, floor mounted tool box, portable air supply tanks and reel, inversion tubes and inverter heads. Click Below for more details.


Looking for a little less than the full trailer system? Then the Build Your Own HVAC is the package for you.  This option allows the pipe liner to customize their own system by purchasing the essential accessories to build their own trenchless technology trailer. This system provides all the necessities for an efficient and successful pipe liner, while giving the freedom to create their preferred ergonomic set-up and the option to include other systems of their choosing.