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Whether you're a customer in need of pipe lining, or a company looking to get started or further your business, say goodbye to digging trenches all day and the clean up from excavation and demolition - Go Trenchless. Scroll down to see some of the trenchless HVAC systems Flow-Liner® offers. 

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Flow-120™ Starter package

The Flow-120™ Starter Package encompasses all equipment necessary to kick off your lining business. The Flow-120™ is compatible with Flow-Liner® Sewer & Drain Lining Products & Flow-Liner® HVAC Lining Products. Perfect for residential and commercial projects from 2”ID to 8”ID pipe sizes. Other systems for larger diameters available.


Flow-liner® trailer system

With an ergonomically laid out design, this trailer keeps the pipe liner in mind with optimal efficiency and added features of:
- Powered Wet-out Conveyer & Vacuum System
- Air Compressor & Generator
- Flow-120™ Inverter n Air Conditioning
- Complimentary air tanks, air & extension hoses, & safety equipment.

For 2", 3", 4" and 6" drain pipe lining.
All for under $70,000!


Remote Air Monitoring System (RAMS)

Flow-Liner®’s RAMS™ provides the duct and pipe liner with a touch of freedom and a peace of mind during the installation process. With RAMS™, there is no need to stay on site monitoring the pressure gauges during the long curing times. If you have your Smartphone online, you can monitor your project anywhere.  
Note: RAMS™ requires the use of a Smartphone and Wi-Fi Hot Spot not included.
RAMS™ is compatible with all Flow-Liner systems.