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Electrical & Telecom

Flow-Liner® Utilities Systems:

Electrical CIP-Conduit® & Telecom CIP-Conduit®

Flow-Liner® Utilities offers an option to rehabilitate and extend the life expectancy of existing utility conduits and ducts without excavation and demolition. Flow-Liner® offers its non-invasive CIP-Conduit® lining product, which reduces costly electrical & telecommunication grid down time.

CIP-Conduit® (Cured-In-Place Conduit) can be designed and installed according to your specifications and needs. A pre-site evaluation is performed by one of our trained and Certified Installers. Once the pre-site criteria are gathered, they are submitted to our Technical Design Division. Lining options will be submitted for your review and approval.

  • Conduit/duct runs from vault to vault

  • Lining of a partial conduit or duct section

  • Can line through multiple bends in the conduit

  • Engineer Tested to ASTM D 648 Standards

  • Meets or Exceeds Deflection Temperature Under Load Ratings for underground Electrical Conduit

  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM F1216 Standard for the Rehabilitation of Existing Conduits

  • American Electric Power Reference Letter for Flow-Liner® (click here)

Flow-Liner® Utilities Projects


Conduit Lining at the White House

Flow-Liner® Utilities was recommended for The White House project by one of the largest government contractors in the US. The Certified Flow-Liner® Utilities Installer had worked with the General Contractor just recently at a US Naval base relining underground conduits. The White House discovered water infiltration in their telecommunication conduits under the West Wing. CIP-Conduit® liner was efficiently installed by a Certified Installer, in one day- no demolition or excavation needed! More information found here.


Conduit Lining at IOWA Water Treatment Facility

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa Water Treatment Facility was built in 1929 with additions added in 1949 and 1969.  An ultra violet station was built in 2008 and is capable of disinfecting up to 40 million gallons of water per day.  Several 3" electrical conduits had water infiltrations issues. The lines all had several bends and were encased in concrete - excavation was not an option. A Flow-Liner® Certified Installer used the CIP-Conduit® Lining System to line twenty 3 inch conduits. The conduits were successfully lined in less than one week with no disruption to the treatment facility or its operations.